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It did respond well when water was present, but then we realized it’s the only one of our picks that won’t also summon a monitoring service when it sends a smartphone alert. The system performed well in our tests, both in self-monitoring mode and when connected to the monitoring service. The system sends an instant push confirmation when in Away mode or when the alarm is triggered.
We provide both static guards and residential security agents in order to offer you the utmost protection and care. When securing assets and personnel at a clients residence, we understand the liabilities and extreme care that is needed in order to safely operate in an around children, guests, and VIPs. Eagle Eye has a standard in place that must be either met or exceeded.
Mobile patrols can also be randomized for even greater effectiveness. Our security systems are comprehensive protection solutions that encompass every aspect of optimal safety. Security patrol services safeguard the exterior of private properties. Security Services near me armed or unarmed security guard service agents maintain a vigilant presence on your property. The presence of a security patrol is often enough to deter all but the most serious criminal activity and is well worth the investment.
Our team of uniformed security personnel, Field Supervisors, and Account Managers is committed to delivering top-quality services. Our approach is geared towards meeting and surpassing your expectations for effectiveness and cost-efficiency. We offer a wide range of residential security systems, self-monitoring alarm systems and remote access security cameras to provide added protection and peace of mind.
Our dedication to a collaborative partnership with our communities is the reason our clients recommend us. With options at every price range, you will find exactly what you need to help protect what matters most to you. Call or complete the online form to find out how you can add cameras and automation features to your home security package. Any home that doesn’t have the protection of a security system is three times more likely to be broken into than a house with a system in place.