The Best Time to Hold a Middle School Fundraiser

Supporters can register on your website to watch the movie and buy popcorn or other movie treats. Launch the watch party with a live stream presentation, letting students know what to look for and discuss after the film. Generally, users watch the movie on their streaming devices. While books face some steep competition from social media and TV, there are still millions of teens who love to curl up with a good book. Designate a wall where businesses can buy a space to paint their logo.
It may seem like something you’ve heard of before but cookie dough fundraising has been all these years around for a reason. Supporters get excited when their delicious tubs of gourmet cookie dough arrive and they usually wish that they ordered more! It’s easy to get started immediately with a cookie dough fundraiser. To get started you can print out the cookie dough order forms for either pre-portioned dough or tubs right from our website to your home printer. Did you know that you can even email them to supporters and they can call and let you know what they want.
PTA members often struggle to find affordable fundraising ideas that win buy-in from parents and keep students engaged. And in a post-COVID environment, there’s a growing need for ideas that work for in-person and distance learners. An art auction allows students to show off their creative talents and raise money at the same time. Students create art in art class, whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or another art piece. Then, their art is auctioned off to whoever bids the most, and the bids are donated to the school.
This is a great fundraising idea for basketball teams who have a logo that they want to showcase on the mugs and tumblers. There is no up front cost and ABC Fundraising® will design a custom order-taker brochure with YOUR BASKETBALL TEAM LOGO on the brochures. If your team consists of older players, such as older middle school or high schoolers, you can recruit them to act as camp counselors for the younger campers.
You can also add some excitement by including activities like a raffle, or soccer tournament. Simply charge an entry fee to enter and put together a cash or food prize for the winner. Try and get your local grocery store to sponsor all or part of the food costs. Simply charge an entry fee and have the craft leader and materials ready for participants.
You can charge a flat fee for entry or charge for each activity separately. Have your members and the wider community donate unwanted books to your fraternity/sorority. Then, run a yard-like book sale charging a couple of dollars for each book (alternatively, you can charge by the pound). Make sure you advertise this as a fundraising event to attract a bigger crowd. Charge a couple of dollars for admission, but more for exiting the room. For example, place signs at the entry point that state the entry fee is $5 and that the exit fee is $10.
While school fundraisers ideas of santa and his elves are in full gear, sometimes we tend to forget the real reason for the season. Help parents and students remember by hosting a Christmas nativity play or Holiday music concert fundraiser. Have students participate in the holiday play or concert and charge and admission price for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to attend and see all the talent!
A Walk-a-thon is a great way to raise funds and encourage healthy habits within your school community. Participants will raise funds by asking family members and friends to sponsor them. If you don’t like the idea of a walk-a-thon, you can opt for a dance-a-thon or a read-a-thon instead. If your school celebrates a Homecoming Queen, then our prom fundraising ideas will be helpful for your HOCO fundraiser. Great ideas include selling items you get for free or can get with no money down.